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COA is a member of the Presbyterian USA denomination. Our church has a little over 200 members and families. We offer many worship, fellowship, mission and learning opportunities throughout the year.

We have a family-friendly congregation with a very large number of children and youth so know that your small children are welcome in worship -- wiggles, noises and all! COA welcomes visitors. You do not have to be a member of this church or denomination to participate in worship, communion, or activities.

In the Presbyterian Church, Elders lead the Committees that oversee different important areas of church business. All are welcome to join a committee and help in these many important areas. Deacons oversee the pastoral care and fellowship activities. All are welcome to assist the Deacons in this important work.

As always, all are welcomed into our church and into our many activities!

Staff and Leadership at COA

Come Meet Our New
Interim Pastor

Rev. Dr. Alison Halsey

Helping COA Church in the 12-18 Month Process of Calling A New Full Time Pastor!

Pastor - Rev. Dr. Alison Halsey; Office Phone: 410-974-1713
Music Director - Ms. Diana Martin, Adult Choir and Bell Choir
Assistant Music Director & Children's Choir: Ms. Nancy Jerome
Assistant Music Director & Praise Band - Mr. Mike Jarjoura
Office Phone: 410-974-1713
Office Assistant - Stacie McNeal -

Director of Anchors-A-Wee Preschool: Ms. Laura Carty at 410-757-6556

Treasurer: John Moorehead

A Look At What Is Happening in the Search for a New Pastor:

The Presbyterian Church follows a very precise plan and process in guiding congregations like COA through the process of selecting a new Pastor. If you would like to understand this process, just click here for a PDF document providing a timeline and explanation of the process we are undergoing.

The Transition Team has completed its work with the approval of our church document by the Baltimore Presbytery. A Pastoral Nominating Committee has been identified and was put before the congregation for a vote of approval on Sunday, June 29. The "PNC" has now begun its work of finding a new pastor for COA!

Click here for the 2012 COA Directory: You must have a password available by contacting the office.

Volunteer Leaders:
Leadership and oversight for day-to-day business and planning within the church is handled by Committees with church Elders in leadership of each group. In addition, our Deacons provide pastoral care and oversight of the various fellowship and caring outreach activities. Anyone can serve on a committee.

To learn more or to contact any of the Committee leaders, contact Mikaely Hentnick in the church office.

Mission Committee Name Elder Name

Tom McNeal, Clerk of Session
John Kokish
Marion Wear

Christian Education

Diana Rey
Megan Ciccarone

Congregational Connection Committee Alice Robeson
Paula Gardner
Mission Committee Nancy Jerome
Noel Wagner
Nominating Committee Kyra Moorehead
Marilyn Rorick
Laura Carty
Gary Storm
Property Committee

Linda Link
Mike Henderson

Worship Committee Donna Kinlaw
Susan Storm
Additional Committees  


"With love and energy, the Deacons at COA will seek to care for and support members and friends of the church, to lift each other up in daily prayer, and to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship."

Stephen Bardsley , Moderator

Toni Derenzo
Maggie Edwards
PJ Gilbert
Amy Jarjoura
Brandon Jerome
Walter Kolsch
Sandra Krainer
Lisa Lawlor

Youth Committee Toni Derenzo
Joleen Mays

Website Updates: Marion Wear

Selected Mondays - Check with Office 7:00pm COA Prayer Group meeting - All are welcome to this special "Time to Pray" Join in at any time.
Thursdays 5:15 Children and Youth Choirs (Ages 4-12th grade)
Wednesdays 7:30pm Praise Choir
Thursdays 6:15pm Bell Choir Pracitce
Thursdays 7:30pm Adult Choir Practice
2nd Wednesday Nights 7:00 pm Session meets
Monday nights at 6:45pm Help Beautify God's House - Gardener's will take care of the church grounds in fellowship
Sundays 9:30-12 Noon Help our Deacons prepare coffee for between and after services each week. Just show up and we'll show you what to do.

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